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Best Tattoo Shops Spokane, WA

Tattoos have always been in trend with the young and rebellious. they are a symbol of who you are, but also your identity. some people like them for their uniqueness, others just because it’s cool to wear something that says “I’m different from everyone else”. Tattoos can be very permanent though so if you get one, make sure its something that is done by experienced tattoo artist as it will last forever!

Picking the right tattoo shop is also an important choice to make. some are really cheap and nasty, others are extremely expensive but of a far better quality. also remember that tattoos can take quite a while to do depending on how large they are and how complex they are, so make sure you pick a shop that is open for plenty of hours!

Also just because you like a design does not mean you should automatically get it. make sure it has deep meaning to you or at least represents something important.

Best Spokane Tattoo Shops

1. All About It Ink

All About It Ink is #1 of all the tattoo shops in Spokane WA. One of the leading tattoo shops in Spokane is the one run by Justin and his team, this tattoo shop has it all experience, skills, professionalism, and a good sense of awesome customer service. The overall experience of getting a tattoo at All About It Ink was mind blowing.

My Experience

I walk in and was greeted right away, the reception took my name and details and quickly I was talking to a tattoo professional.

Straight down, the professional was into understanding what I wanted and was interested in getting to know the story behind the tattoo.

Once, we both were confident and knew what we all wanted, the process began. The tattoo artist did inform me about what’s going to happen and how everything is gong to go down.

Once, the artist started, I knew he was an experienced professional and the end result was just awesome.

2. The Ink Spot

This tattoo shop is a little out of the way and you have to drive past it on your way to work but if you are looking for something that will make your skin crawl then this place has got it! They specialize in body art so they do a lot of weird stuff like giant spiders or people with their tongues hanging out. I’ve seen some pretty gross things there though.

My Experience

You head down to The Ink Spot, the smallest shop in the city. Its run by an old man who everyone calls ‘grandpa’ and his granddaughter, who everyone calls ‘the girl with bright red hair’.

They have a few basic designs and sometimes the grandpa lets people draw their own designs. It’s not the best tattoos in the world but they aren’t the worst either.

3. The Blackheart Tattoo Shop

This tattoo shop is located in a strip mall which makes it a little harder to find but if you know where to look, you can get one of the best tattoos around. Their prices aren’t bad either.

My Experience

You head over to The Blackheart Tattoo Shop and enter the invitingly dark parlor. You’re greeted by a massive man covered in tattoos with tribal tattoos going up his arms who asks you what you’d like.

You explain that you want a tattoo to commemorate your father’s farm, to which he leads you to a book of stock farm designs.

You quickly find a design for a rooster that you like and he gets to work.

4. The Spokane Tattoo Parlor

If you’re not into body art and prefer something more traditional then this tattoo parlor might be right up your alley. It’s not cheap but it isn’t too expensive either.

The Spokane Tattoo Parlor is the best tattoo parlor in town. it is run by a couple of heavily tattooed guys, and it is open from 10am to 10pm every day of the week.

My Experience

A good tattoo can be very expensive! Some smaller ones can cost as little as $100, but the larger and more detailed they are, the more they cost with a lot of them costing thousands.

When you go to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo, make sure you know exactly what you want and that its something you’ll want forever. Also bring a picture of it so there’s no confusion on what you’ll want. once you’ve selected your design and the tattoo artist has outlined it on your skin, you’re ready to get started!

5. The Tattoo Box

This tattoo shop is located in a warehouse and while it doesn’t look like much from the outside, inside you’ll see why this place gets high marks. There are tons of different pieces of artwork on display and they even offer private sessions for those who want to take their time getting exactly what they want to be done.

My Experience

The Tattoo Box is located in the city’s red light district, and as such is unmarked except for a small blue dot on the door.

The inside of the store is painted black and purple lights cast an eerie glow over everything.

6. The Penguin’s Pen

If you’re looking for a little more personal experience then you should check out The Penguin’s Pen. The owner of the shop is an older man who goes by the name Puck. He’s been doing tattoos since before you were born and can do anything you want. Be forewarned though, he’s usually got some crazy idea of what he wants to put on your body so prepare yourself!

My Experience

The Penguin’s Pen is located in a small shop facing a busy street a little away from the more bustling part of the city. It’s not the most popular shop in town but if you’re looking for a cheap tattoo then it’s a good place to start. You head inside and find that it’s fairly empty, with only one person working there: A young man, about your age and wearing an old blue Penguin’s Pen t-shirt.

7. The Upstairs Tattoo Place

If you’d rather get your tattoo while drinking a beer then the Upstairs Place is the place for you. The owner, Matt, acquired his tattoo gun when he was much younger and hated his job at the bank. He got his own place and learned how to do tattoos really well. Now he’s had his shop for over 10 years and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

My Experience

You enter the upstairs tattoo place. The smell of ink and disinfectant hits you immediately. You walk up to the counter and see a large man covered with tattoos standing there, holding a tattoo gun with a new needle on it. You also see a girl with several visible tattoos sitting in the chair, her arm resting on the bench so her sleeve has been rolled up.

The large man looks you up and down, then nods. “Alright, what were you looking to get?”

You show him the paper with your choices on it, and he narrows his eyes at you before nodding. “Alright then. We can do Celtic tribal sleeve if you’d like. It’ll cost you $200 and will take up your entire arm.”

You gulped. You were expecting to pay less than that. “That sounds good, here’s the money” You say, handing him the cash.

“Wait here,” he says, walking away through a door in the back. “Alright, follow me,” he says, walking into the room ahead of you. You walk in after him and are surprised to see a man tied to a chair, his eyes wide with terror.

He’s wearing a Cheap Suit, and he seems oddly familiar. His eyes are darting around, and he begins to yell desperately through his gag.

“Wait, what’s going on?” you ask.

“Shut up,” the large man says, handing you a clipboard. “This is the release form. Please confirm that you read and understood the terms listed here before getting your tattoo.”

You look it over. It’s a standard release form saying that the shop isn’t responsible for any health problems you may have due to their work. You nod and hand it back to him. “Good, now hold out your arm,”

It begin’s.

8. Matt’s Tattoo Emporium

This tattoo shop has been around for as long as you can remember and Matt, the owner, has always been there. Some might say he’s got old school tattoos which are passé but if you want an old school tattoo done right then this is where you want to go.

My Experience

You enter Matt’s Tattoo Emporium and are immediately hit by the smell of ink and disinfectant. A small man with a bald head, tattoos covering his arms, smiles at you and says “Welcome! What can I do for you today?”

You notice a sign on the wall advertising that the shop will pierce your nose or ear for free if you get a tattoo, so you take advantage of the deal and say “I’d like a tattoo.”

“Certainly!” Matt replies. “What were you looking to get?”

You pull out the paper on which you’d written your choices. Matt studies it for a moment, then looks up at you and nods. “Yes, I think we can do something like that… Let me prepare everything, and we can get started.”

You nod, and Matt leads you through a door at the back of the shop. You find yourself in a small changing room with a chair in the middle. Matt gestures to the chair and says “Please, take a seat. I’ll prepare the ink for your tattoo, and then I’ll return to begin the work.”

You nod and sit down. Matt disappears, then returns five minutes later with a number of bottles of ink and begins mixing them. “What did you decide to get?” he asks.

“The Risen War Memorial,” you reply, showing him your paper.

Matt nods. “Yes, that’s a good one. I knew what I was getting immediately. My grandfather fought in the war and inspired my interest in tattooing, as strange as that may sound.”

You shake your head. “Not at all. Everyone’s got their own interests.”

Matt just chuckles in reply and begins preparing for the tattoo. He wipes the area to be tattooed with a sterilizing agent and gets his equipment ready. Soon, he’s ready to start.

9. The Shamrock Inn Shop

This isn’t your traditional tattoo parlor though. Sure they have all the gear and can do any design you want but this place also sells alcohol. So after you get your tattoo, you can get a nice buzz on.

My Experience

The Shamrock Inn Shop is fairly busy today. The shopkeeper, a young woman with red hair, smiles at you and says “Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?”

You step up to the counter and reply “I’m looking to buy a gift for my brother. He recently joined the local militia, and I want to get him something to commemorate his service.”

She smiles and nods. “I think I have just the thing.” Reaching beneath the counter, she pulls out a green woolen scarf. “This should do nicely. It’s made from specialist fibers extracted from underarm fur, so it’s very soft and very warm. It’s the perfect thing for a cold winter.”

You grin and reply “Perfect. My brother loves warmth and comfort. I’ll take it.”

The shopkeeper wraps the scarf in brown paper and places it in a bag, which you take and stow in your pocket.

10. Jack’s Tattoo Emporium

The only real reason why this place is considered the best is because it’s the one that’s been around the longest. It’s also a bit expensive but their designs are done really well.

My Experience

You walk to the door of Jack’s Tattoo Emporium and knock on the door. You hear a shout from inside: “Be there in a minute!” A moment later, a tall, skinny man with shaggy black hair opens the door.

“Hello,” he says. “I’m Jack. I take it you’re here about the tattoo?”

You nod.

“Well, come on in,” he says with a grin.

You step inside the shop and are hit by the smell of permanent markers and artists’ inks. Colorful paintings and photographs cover the walls, and you notice that there are mannequins displaying some interesting outfits. You’ve never seen some of these clothes before — did Jack design them?

“So,” says Jack, “what were you looking to get?”

You pull out the piece of paper on which you’d written your options.
“I was thinking a tattoo of one of these…”

Jack takes the paper, studies it for a moment, then looks back at you. After a moment, he says, “Well, I can transfer this onto your arm so you can see how it’ll look. Give me just a second…”

You watch as he mixes some inks and prepares the transfer paper. Then, he begins spraying your arm with water to clean it.

10. Ed’s Express Tattoos

This place might be lower on the list but it’s only because it’s a franchise. The owner, Ed, decided to sell his six tattoo machines and lease his shop to someone who wanted to open up a tattoo shop. The guy who runs it is an idiot but he’s managed to turn a profit in the short time its been open so far.

My Experience

You head over to Ed’s Express Tattoos and the guy at the counter, who says his name is Steve, greets you. He’s got a bit of an attitude and says the price is $100 for a small tattoo, $200 for a medium one and $300 for a large one.

You sit down in his chair and he suggests a few but you make your own design.

He’s a bit disappointed that you didn’t come in to get one of the stock designs but he’s still excited to tattoo a real customer. He does a great job and you leave very happily with your new tattoo.