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I ran across almost every SEO company in Milwaukee and asked them to prove they are good at what they do and almost all of them showed me their customer reviews and Google analytics stats of higher traffic and then some…

but then I asked them are you ranking locally for your own targeted keywords?


I mean won’t it be obvious that if you are good at what you do then you are supposed to do it for yourself and then offer it as a service to others. Let’s say I am a good hair stylist then I would definitely do an awesome hair styling for myself and then flaunt it around for others to see so that it grows my value and reputation.

but to my surprise, only a handful of Milwaukee SEO companies really showed me the real stuff but out of them all one company stood out and it was Egochi Milwaukee SEO Agency

Milwaukee SEO | Milwaukee SEO Company

Why I chose them to be the best SEO company in Milwaukee

As I said earlier one has to beat the best to be the best or end up like the rest and this exact thing was proven by Egochi Milwaukee SEO agency, when you search on Google with the keywords “Milwaukee SEO” or say “Milwaukee SEO Agency” only one company stands at the number one position and it’s them.

That’s not just it, I also searched for Milwaukee SEO Expert and it was still them at the number 1 position.

Is that awesome or what I mean the top branded keywords of the industry is ruled by this company alone and no one comes close to this. I also took out the time to read this companies blog and it was superb.

WoW, and I mean just freaking WoW.

Milwaukee SEO | Milwaukee SEO Company

Talking to the Milwaukee SEO Company

Ok, so once my research and analysis was over I had to talk to them and see what is going on with this internet marketing agency.

I gave them a call and asked a few questions listed below:

Question 1: How soon can I be ranked on Google?

Answer: Depends on your niche and competitors thus we would first have to research about your keywords, competitors, and your website and once all that is done we start off by making corrections to the site and build traffic through social media engagement, guest blogging, and link building.  This entire process takes a minimum of 3 months and thus you would start seeing results at this time.

Question 2: How much do I need to pay every month for SEO?

Answer: Our minimum budget is $600 per month however if you need something more hardcore and want more man hours to be put into your business then you can also go for our platinum deal of $1800 per month in which we build a whole internet marketing campaign with assured results.

Question 3: How long have you been in business?

Answer: We have been here since 2009.

Question 4: What other services do you provide for my business?

Answer: We an internet marketing agency which means we can also be your web partners and provide all solutions under one roof from website design, content writing, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and more

Question 5: Is there a contract of any kind?

Answer: Yes, just a basic one that you have hired us to promote your website, however, nothing to hold you from leaving us or changing your mind but that is really rare.

Question 6: What makes you the right choice for my business?

Answer: The simple reason is we are professionals who work hard for your business because you are our business. A happy customer brings in more customers in the long run and we have always believed in this motto and have survived since 2009.

That’s it,  guys!

I was sold and had tears in my eyes as I had unfolded the mystery of the best SEO company in Milwaukee.

You can visit them at

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