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Top 5 SEO Project Management Tools

Top 5 SEO Project Management Tools

1. Asana

With such a large number of SEO venture the board instruments available, how are you expected to pick only one?

From Google Docs to Slack to Basecamp — hell, even Linkio deals with your third party referencing — there is an apparatus for pretty much everything.

Your decision of venture the board instrument truly relies upon what apparatuses you like to utilize and what you need to achieve for your customers.

However, what happens when you have zero spending plan?

Enter: Asana.

While Asana isn’t new, it’s totally free with boundless errands and daily agendas. Asana is my personal decision for overseeing SEO ventures.

I don’t utilize Asana since I need to. I use it since I like to.


By enabling clients to make records, set updates, appoint assignments to ventures, oversee due dates, including colleagues, and impart through remarks.

Asana is an incredible one-stop-search for SEO groups hoping to deal with their work process while sticking to due dates.

Asana incorporates with outsider apparatuses, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox, which makes coordination consistent. Clients can likewise allude back to recently finished assignments and effectively alter due dates while including the extra usefulness of making repeating updates.

Chiefs can appoint colleagues to explicit activities to guarantee that representatives are just centered around assignments that pertain to them explicitly, which eventually takes into account expanded efficiency and diminished disarray.


The Asana application and website is allowed to utilize.

The free form permits up to 15 clients to make a boundless number of assignments and ventures while having an essential dashboard and pursuit get to.

For $6.25 per month, groups can have a boundless number of clients just as advanced highlights like extra dashboard and inquiry capacities and the sky is the limit from there. For a lot of bigger associations, there is a venture form too.

Why It’s Good for SEO Pros

Asana can be a significantly wonderful apparatus in case you’re hoping to more readily arrange your procedures. In either an extensive or little group, due dates and subtleties can get lost bringing about missed due dates.

Asana’s easy to understand and streamlined methodology will help groups to appoint the work, never miss a due date, and scatter the fundamental help reports to the right assignments and clients.

First light Anderson, overseeing chief at Move It Marketing, utilizes Asana with TeamWork, Basecamp, Trello, and TeamGantt, for different utilizations including, “Joint effort with colleagues. Time span. Extension the executives. Straightforwardness. Working with customer dev groups.”

2. Basecamp

Having been around for over 10 years, Basecamp is viewed as a solid device that exceeds expectations at giving associations an abnormal state perspective on their groups.

Like Asana, Basecamp can help screen following, yet additionally offers extra highlights like direct informing visits, brought together record stockpiling, and a booking device.

Basecamp plans to take on Slack, Asana, Google Drive, and Dropbox by merging the majority of their rivals into one strong administration device.


Designed in view of the harried agent, Basecamp helps chiefs and colleagues remain over their professional lives. The application flaunts that clients will never again suffocate in an ocean of messages as that include is now implanted into the application.

Furthermore, the booking and following highlights help guarantee groups never again miss a due date.

Another intriguing segment of Basecamp is that chiefs can dispense with the requirement for “registration” gatherings by sending a robotized message day by day to workers that request a recap of what they achieved that day. At that point, representatives can “tag” colleagues in their recaps to clarify what they need assistance with or what they wrapped up.


A one of a kind component of Basecamp is that the application doesn’t charge for an expansion in the number of clients or ventures. So not at all like a portion of its friends, Basecamp charges a level fixed expense of $99 per month for a group, regardless of the size.

Why It’s Good for SEO Pros

Dealing with a customer’s SEO comprises of a wide range of courses of events and activity things. Monitoring customer messages, gatherings, and focal archives is an all day work.

By offering a standout amongst the best widely inclusive software arrangements, Basecamp busies SEO stars remain over their whole business by more proficiently checking in with their group and due dates in one simple to utilize the application.

Casie Gillette, ranking executive of digital marketing at KoMarketing, utilizes Basecamp essentially for conveying to customers.

“Basecamp is our essential methods for correspondence with customers,” Gillette said. “For any deliverable, it enables a simple method to follow the discussion and modify docs likewise.”

3. Linkio

Just accessible since September 2017, Linkio is one of the most recent SEO venture the board instruments to hit the market.

This administration tracks external link establishment assignments, which is a foundation movement for some SEO professionals.

By enabling clients to design, track, mechanize, and report on third party referencing campaigns, groups can rapidly utilize the software to help have a noteworthy effect.


In the event that you just can’t yet relinquish the Google Sheets following strategies, you will think that its invigorating that Linkio doesn’t swear off all spreadsheets.

Rather, the software is connected to Google Sheets, enabling clients to even now utilize the innovation they are now acquainted with while evacuating a portion of the client blunder generally connected with spreadsheet following.

Another advantage of Linkio is its capacity to help colleagues increment efficiency by helping them regardless of what phase of the cycle they’re presently included with.

Regardless of whether a representative is centered around grapple content arranging, campaign setup, conveyance the board, or another errand, Linkio can help deal with regardless of where in the process they are.


In spite of the fact that the application is new, and in this manner, fewer individuals can vouch for it, there is no genuine drawback try it an attempt on account of its reasonable cost.

Since the application is in its beta stage, it’s free and the organization keeps up there will dependably be a free form, even after its beta testing stage.

Why It’s Good for SEO Pros

As it is adapted towards third party referencing, the application was made in light of SEO professionals.

By concentrating on a particular part of SEO, Linkio was designed to help marketing professionals improve their administration of all third party referencing exercises, regardless of where in the inquiry marketing cycle they happen.

4. Trello

Touted as a standout amongst the best cooperative undertaking the board instruments, Trello causes clients to all the more likely deal with their SEO activities and groups one load up at once.

By making it simple to include assignments, due dates, colleagues, and remarks, clients can turn out to be progressively composed while as yet taking into account an abnormal state of adaptability.


One of the upsides of Trello is that groups can deal with their work process in an amazingly visual manner.

Gatherings can include “Trello Cards” to “Trello Boards” and effectively dole out colleagues, due dates, just as connections. The interface looks progressively like a notice board, which may be valuable in case you’re accustomed to working out assignments by hand.

Another key component of Trello is the capacity to pursue a work process all the way by effectively propelling a card as it adjusts all through the procedure.

For instance, content makers can profit tremendously by denoting a bit of content as accomplished for each progression all through each piece of the content creation process.

As an article is composed, it tends to be followed as it progresses from composing, altering, and posting in a visual manner by moving the task card through its different phases of finishing. You can perceive how Buffer uses Trello.


As a portion of the recently referenced apps, there is a free form which is topped at a 10MB point of confinement with regards to records and transfers.

For little groups, this free form takes into consideration boundless sheets. For $9.99 every month, Trello gives clients a boundless number of “catalysts,” the choice to append up to 250MB in documents and that’s just the beginning.

Why It’s Good for SEO Pros

Is it accurate to say that you are in charge of a few unique undertakings for one client? Provided that this is true, the visual administration of Trello makes it simple to see where they are as far as their advancement. What’s more, it’s incredible for dealing with your content strategy.

“We use Trello for dealing with our personal and group assignments, Basecamp for speaking with customers and Slack for conveying inside,” said Julia Shaffer, an SEO partner at Knucklepuck. “The three devices function admirably together to make a proficient workplace!”

By effectively moving Trello cards around, you can duplicate a comparative errand for another undertaking or demonstrate the venture’s movement while monitoring customer notes.

5. Slack

Envision, for a second, that a device existed that enabled you to never need to browse your work email – until the end of time. OK use it? (Raises hand).

Slack is a correspondence stage that enables you to talk with other colleagues, customers, your mother, whoever! It’s an amazing SEO venture the executive’s device since Slack coordinates with other undertaking the board instruments like Asana and Trello.

Slackbot resembles your very own partner. I can set updates, make mechanized reactions, and answer questions.


Slackbot isn’t the main venture the board includes for Slack. With Slack, you can make separate channels to discuss to different advertisers or visit with customers. Furthermore, many utilize Slack for the network the board.

You can likewise set updates. Essentially type/remind in a channel and Slackbot will send you an update at the day and time you determine.

For those of you who appreciate marking things off your rundown, Slack has a To Do bot that gives you a chance to keep your agenda inside Slack.


Beneficial things frequently accompany sticker prices, yet with Slack, it’s free for general organizations. In any case, in the event that you need to overhaul, Slack offers an $8 per month and $15 per month plan dependent on your necessities.

Why It’s Good for SEO Pros

Regardless of how much or minimal expenditure you need to put resources into SEO, Slack has helped organizations of all sizes keep their well-deserved money in light of the fact that most of the highlights are accessible with the free arrangement.